Switching Energy Supplier

Switching energy suppliers for businesses can become stressful and expensive if it’s not done correctly. You might not always need to actually switch energy suppliers to get a cheaper price. However, you are still best to shop around as the energy market is very competitive and some suppliers offer much better rates than others. 



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How do I switch energy suppliers?

When you don’t know where to start switching your energy contracts can become stressful and difficult. However, by following these steps you will be able to get a new energy contract in no time.  


Get a quote

Before signing a renewal contract with your current energy supplier, you should start by getting quotes from different suppliers.

If you want to compare some of the most competitive contracts, then why not get quotes with us today?


Compare prices

After you have gotten quotes from different suppliers you want to compare these. You want to ensure that you are not only paying the best rates for your energy but also comparing suppliers based on their customer service and usability.

Sometimes the cheapest supplier is not the best supplier. When comparing prices using our comparison tool, we will give you contracts in the order of what price, timeframe and supplier would be best for your business.


Start the switching process

If you choose a new contract with Online Energy, we will take care of the rest of the process for you. All you need to do is sign your new contract.

You will also need to pay your final bill with your current energy supplier.


What do I need to do before switching suppliers?

Before you start the switching process you will most likely need the following information:

  • Current supplier
  • MPAN/MPRN numbers
  • Energy usage

Having this information will allow comparison sites to give you the most accurate quote possible. If you are not sure what any of these are you will be able to find them on a recent energy bill.

Before you begin the switching process you should also check when your renewal window is on your current energy contract. If you sign a new contract before your current one is up you could be charged exit fees. You could wait until you receive a notice from your supplier that your contract is coming to an end.


When should my business be switching energy suppliers

It is important when it comes to a new energy contract that your sign when it’s most adventurous for your business In terms of savings. However, if you are also going to switch energy suppliers when signing a new contract there are certain times you want to be doing this.

The best time to switch could be:

  • If you don’t leave your current supplier at the end of a fixed contract. The rates for your renewal could be higher than new customer rates elsewhere. Therefore, it would be best to compare prices from other suppliers before signing.
  • If prices are going to be rising. The wholesale price of energy fluctuates a lot. If you suspect that prices are going to be rising, it is best to get your new contract signed before that happens. If you sign a fixed rate tariff while prices are low, then you will avoid higher energy bills.


Switching Energy Supplier
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