Smart Meters

A smart meter is a digital meter that automatically sends meter readings to your energy supplier, saving you from having to do this.

A smart meter will also come with a digital device that you can use to monitor and track your energy consumption.


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Reading your smart meter 

Smart meters are useful as they save you the job of having to take meter readings and send them to your supplier manually, as this will be done for you.

However, on some occasions where you might need to take a smart meter reading yourself or send meter information to your supplier manually.


These situations may include:

  • Checking your meter reading. Checking your meter reading regularly will allow you to see where your energy usage peaks during the day. This will help your business reduce energy consumption and bills.
  • When you first switch suppliers it might be best to send the first meter reading yourself. This is not completely necessary but could ensure you get billed correctly.
  • Your supplier may not be able to connect to your smart meter, in which case you would have to send a manual meter reading.


Should my business have a smart meter installed

Overall, these devices are a great way to save your business time and money.

As energy prices rise your business is most likely going to be looking for ways to reduce consumption to get lower energy bills. Having a smart meter can help you track whether your energy saving tactics are working.

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Smart Meters
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