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What is an MPAN number?

MPAN stands for Meter Point Administration Number. This is a unique number used to identify the electricity meter on your property.  This can often be called an Electricity Supply Number. Your MPAN number will be shown on your bill.

If you don’t have a previous electricity bill, for example, you have just moved into a new property you will be able to call your local electricity supplier to find out.


What is an MPRN number?

MPRN stands for Meter Point reference point. This is a unique number for your gas meter.

You should be able to find your MPRN number on your gas bills. If you don’t know who your supplier is you can find out by visiting find my supplier and entering your postcode. This will tell you who supplies your gas and what your MPRN is.


Why do we need this information before we can provide a quote?

Your MPAN and MPRN numbers are a unique identification for your energy meters. This identifies your property’s own electricity and gas supplies.

We need this in order to get you a quote as prices depend on the type of meter and property you have.

Suppliers also need to know this information to ensure that your energy is sent to the correct place.  

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