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To make this a hassle free process for you and enable you to avoid all the trouble of sifting through tens of hundreds of suppliers, the team of specialists and our network of trusted industry partners make Online Energy your best option.

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How to compare business gas for the best business energy quotes?

Business gas prices can be one of the many expenses that affect your business a lot if your contract is not done right. Find out how to get the best business gas quote online today.

To avoid your gas bills being too high you should make sure you are comparing business gas prices and suppliers before you sign your next contract.

However, researching and constantly staying on top of business gas prices and suppliers could be a daunting process especially if you do not have procurement expertise within your business.

That is why we have a free price comparison tool that you can use to compare business gas prices from many suppliers and find the best price and service for you.

How to switch business gas suppliers?

You should be looking to compare and switch business gas suppliers as early as possible.

A lot of energy consumers wait until their contracts are about to end before looking at switching. However, by doing this you could be missing cheaper prices.

You cannot switch your gas contract to a new business gas deal until your renewal window opens, this is usually around six months before your contract end date. If you sign up with a new supplier before this you could be charged exit fees.

Find out when your gas contract ends with your current supplier by looking at your recent energy bill or call your supplier.

Switching your business gas online with us will require little effort from you all we need you to do is complete the steps below and we will be able to get a new contract for you:

  1. Enter your business address or postcode in the box at the top of this page
  2. Provide details that we need to compare for you
  3. Get your prices!

What different business gas tariffs are available?

When doing a business energy comparison, it is a good idea to also decide what type of contract is most suitable for you. Below is a breakdown of the different gas tariffs that are available to your business:

Fixed-term tariffs

On this type of contract your business gas will be secured at a specific cost per unit which will stay the same for the duration of your contract.

Variable-rate contracts

The rates you pay on this type of contract will be linked to market activity. This means as general energy costs fluctuate so will your business gas prices.

Rollover contracts

This is the contract that you will be put on if no alternative contract has been agreed upon before your current contract ends. you want to avoid this type of business gas contract as it will be amongst the highest rates your supplier has.

Deemed rate contracts

These are known as out-of-contract tariffs. You could be put on one of these if no formal contract has been agreed upon between you and the supplier. These rates will usually be one of the worst deals in the market and should be avoided to make sure money is not being wasted.

How are business gas prices calculated?

Your business gas prices will depend on many things, such as:

  • Business location
  • Type of business
  • Size of business

However, the two main factors that will make up your business gas price are:

Unit Price

This is the price you pay for how much gas your business uses in kWh. This price will depend on what contract type you are on. If you are on a fixed tariff, then the unit price will remain the same throughout your contract. If you are on a variable rate tariff, this could go up or down depending on the wholesale market prices.

Standing Charge

The standing charge is the fee you pay to your supplier for delivering the gas to your premises. This price also covers your payment per day of connecting to the UK gas pipeline. This charge will not change based on gas usage it will always stay the same.

How much does business gas cost?

The price of business gas will vary depending on market conditions. The wholesale price of energy fluctuates a lot and can be unpredictable at times. To make sure you are getting the cheapest price possible you should start shopping around and comparing as early as possible. By comparing prices as early as possible you can take advantage of changes in the energy market to make sure you are switching at the right time.

Why should you switch business gas suppliers?

There are many reasons why you could switch your gas supplier. The main reason probably is you want to shop around for a cheaper price. With the constant changes within the energy market, you want to make sure you are keeping on top of your gas prices to ensure you are not getting stuck on an expensive tariff. When it comes to the last six months of your contract it is worthwhile comparing the current market rates to see if you can get a better deal for your business gas.

The price of your contract may not be the only reason you want switch

Switching suppliers is important to make sure you are not overspending on business gas. Making sure that you switch business gas suppliers is one quick and easy way to cut down on your budget without having any impact on how your business is run or any day-to-day activities.

What happens when you switch business gas?

Switching your business gas requires little effort from you. Once you have done your online business gas comparison, we will give a list of tariffs that are best suited to your business needs all that we would require from you is to choose the tariff that you want. Then we can arrange with your new business energy supplier for the energy switch to take place.

Once your new supplier has all the information handed over to them, they will organize your switch in energy. Your energy supply will remain the same and no work will have to be done as the gas being provided will be delivered through the same pipelines.

There may be a few final things that need to be taken care of before switching such as final payments to your current supplier or taking a final meter reading, however, we can help you through this process.

What do I need to switch business gas suppliers?

When switching your business gas supplier, we will require some information from you before we can do your online business gas comparison. Some information we may need throughout the process could be:

  • Current business gas supplier
  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Current gas usage in kWh
  • Contract end date
  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)

We may also ask for a signed LFI (Letter For Information) from you. This will just allow us to contact your current gas supplier. This will simplify the process for you as you do not need to worry about finding any information about your gas supply as this will allow us to do it for you.

Why switch business gas suppliers with Online Energy

We are committed to making sure all our customers get the best gas deal for them. We want to make sure that all businesses that we work with are satisfied with the price they are paying and the service they are receiving from the supplier.

We will also support you throughout the entirety of your gas contract. Any issues you have we will be able to take care of.

See how we can help your business save thousands on your next energy contract.

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