What does the ESOs summer outlook mean for business energy?

27th Apr 2023 | Mollie Pinnington | 2 minute read

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The Electricity System Operators (ESO)  has recently released their summer outlook for this year, and it's clear that they've put a lot of thought into what the coming months might bring. Despite the challenges posed by low demand, the report shows that they're confident in their ability to maintain a steady supply throughout the summer. Of course, this news is sure to be welcomed by many, especially those who have been concerned about the potential for energy shortages during the hotter months.

Despite assurances from the operators that electricity supplies should be more secure than last year, consumers are likely to feel the pinch this summer as prices continue to remain high. Experts attribute the rise in prices to low demand which requires the operators to manage supply more effectively. While consumers can pray for mild weather that reduces the need for excessive cooling or heating, there is no escaping the fact that energy bills are likely to be higher than desired.

As we head into the summer months, many of us are bracing ourselves for higher electricity bills. Despite network operators working to keep consumer costs as low as possible, we can expect prices to remain higher than in previous years due to increased prices from last winter. And while some relief has been seen in recent months, it's clear that pre-COVID market levels for energy are still elusive. It's a challenging time for household budgets and businesses alike, and we can only hope that energy prices will level off in the near future.

What does this mean for business energy?

As summer approaches, businesses all over will be gearing up for higher energy prices. With the added strain on air conditioning and increased demand for energy, it's important to be more effective with energy-saving methods. Companies can ensure that their energy bills don't soar along with the temperatures outside by implementing simple changes like using LED light bulbs or regulating thermostat settings.

In addition to high energy prices, they face rising business bills due to TPCs. This can create a significant financial strain, causing businesses to reassess their budgets and strategies. As suppliers warn of this anticipated increase in costs, it is important for businesses to prepare and find ways to mitigate the impact. By staying informed and proactive, they can weather this summer's financial storm and emerge stronger for the future.

Although the ESO is currently looking for ways to lower high-balancing chargers to stop them from being passed on to consumers, there is not much that can be done for electricity prices this year. This means that your business should not wait to sign your next energy contract. Compare gas and electricity prices today to avoid sky-high energy bills!

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