How to switch my business to sustainable energy

20th Jan 2022 | Mollie Pinnington | 4 minute read

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Running a business today is hard enough. Now you have the added pressure of the potential impact climate change is going to have not only on your business but the world. However, your business can help in these situations as there are many things you can be doing to help combat the climate emergency.

Business owners should no longer be questioning whether they are going to be switching to green energy, the question should be how are we going to go green? Reducing carbon emissions is a vital role that everyone needs to play before climate change causes irreparable damage to our climate.


Why you may be put off making your business more sustainable

If your business is new, then being sustainable may not be one of your priorities now. This could be due to trying to save and budget money and resources. However, finding a reasonably priced green energy tariff does not need to be an overly expensive or time-consuming task. With more energy suppliers generating green energy it might be cheaper in some cases to go with green energy. 

Also, if you were concerned about the research and resources it may take to choose the best green energy supplier, there are lots of comparison sites that have already done the hard work for you. You would just need to pick which deal was best for your business. you can do this through the comparison tool we have to help your business. 


The reason businesses should be trying to be more sustainable

Many people often support businesses that align with their morals. The climate crisis is a big issue for everyone right now and many consumers are cautious if the products they are buying are going to affect the climate. Therefore, by using clean energy you could increase customer support of your business.

Investing in cleaner energy is a lot cheaper than it used to be. The climate crisis and the decreasing amount of fossil fuels left has led to a greater amount of renewable energy being generated. A lot more energy suppliers are generating solar energy and wind energy. This means it's more accessible and cheaper now to choose green energy for your business energy needs.

All businesses have a responsibility to reduce the number of emissions they add to the climate.  Cutting down on your companies carbon footprint should be a goal. Everyone will benefit from having cleaner earth. As well as saving your business money you should be looking at switching to more sustainable energy to ensure your business is being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Switching to renewable energy could help your business become an industry leader. Competitors in your industry may not be using sustainable resources yet. Choosing green or renewable energy could be your competitive edge to differentiate your business and push forward as an industry leader.


How to be more sustainable

The biggest way to make your business more sustainable would be to switch to an energy supplier that gets its energy from renewable resources. By choosing a green energy supplier you are increasing the amount of green energy that enters the national grid and increasing the demand for it.

There are increasingly more energy suppliers who are generating their energy from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro. More energy suppliers are also offering 100% renewable energy or planning to offer this very soon. Therefore, it’s becoming a lot cheaper for your business to choose a green energy tariff.

When switching to greener energy it is important to still consider whether your business can afford it. Many different places are offering cleaner energy these days however it would take a lot of time to research each one. Luckily for you, we offer price comparison for business energy and could find you the best deal for your energy needs today. If you were looking to make this switch today why not enter your business postcode at the bottom of this post and make the first step into sustainability today. 


Other ways your business can improve sustainability efforts

Swapping energy suppliers may be the quickest way to ensure your business is being more eco-friendly, but there are other ways your business can be more environmentally friendly.

There are many things your company could introduce to ensure all employees are participating in being eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint.

One thing in Britain that is causing a high outlet of greenhouse gas emissions is motor vehicles on the road. To reduce this your business could introduce initiatives to get public transport or walk to work to reduce the amount people driving to work.

 Another way your business could make a big environmental impact could be to reduce your water wastage. Conserving water will not only save your company money but will lead you to become a more sustainable business.

Introducing recycling and composting measures can encourage sustainability among your employees. For example, any food waste in the office can be broken down into compost which can be repurposed as soil to be used in another industry. Also, general rubbish can be recycled properly as well as the old equipment. This reduces the amount of energy used to dispose of them.


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