Top tips on how to reduce your business energy bills

14th Jun 2022 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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Looking to save on your energy bills?

Energy bills can take up a lot of your business’s budget that could be going into investing back into your business. Becoming more energy efficient or finding ways to reduce your energy bill can save your business a lot of money. To help save your business money we have put together some of the top tips from our energy experts to lower your energy bills.  

Switch your energy contract

Our number one tip is to stay on top of your energy bills by remembering to switch before your contract is up. Finding the cheapest rates and comparing suppliers is probably one of the most crucial steps in finding a cheaper energy deal. The cheapest and quickest way for you to do this is to use a comparison site like us. Online Energy compares lots of suppliers to get you the best prices on the market at that time. This saves you a lot of time and resources as our energy experts will take care of everything for you.

Switching your energy contract today could save you up to 64% on your energy bills today and all it takes is 60 seconds of your time! Compare and switch today.


Arrange an energy audit

An energy audit is a comprehensive view of your business’s energy usage. Having a professional do this can point out where you are wasting the most energy and give you opportunities to save energy based on this. Ultimately a professional auditor will be able to find cost-effective solutions and decrease your energy usage without negatively impacting business operations.   


Know your energy usage and waste

Knowing how much energy expenditure is coming from your business is another big part of lowering your energy bills. If your meter readings are only taken once or twice a month you will be getting a very vague idea of your usage and won’t be able to pinpoint where waste is coming from. To resolve this you can install a smart meter on your premises. This will tell you exactly when you are using the most energy, helping you pinpoint where your business can make changes to waste less energy.  


Install energy-saving measures- lighting and heat pumps

Installing energy-saving lighting or heat pumps can go a long way in terms of saving energy. Finding ways to use less electricity and gas will be an investment for your business as it could significantly reduce energy use and therefore bills in the future.


  Avoid energy waste

Avoid energy waste in your building, you could do this by ensuring that you have insulation to avoid loss of heat. This means that you will need less heat to keep your building warm. Switching the heating off in intervals can improve energy bills, instead of having the heating on all the time. You could also install skylights or more windows to avoid having to switch the lights on all day, which will improve electricity usage.

Switch of equipment when not in use

Switching equipment off when it is not in use is another way you can save energy. Leaving monitors, computers, or lights on when the office has closed can lead to a big energy bill and a lot of wasted energy. Making sure everything is switched off could improve bills and improve your business sustainability measures.


Make sure you are on the right contract for your business

Business energy contracts can become complicated, there are lots of different tariff options available for your business which makes finding the right one difficult. However, once you have the right contract that fit your business needs this could decrease your energy bills a lot. By using our comparison tool, you can switch to an energy contract that is right for you today.


Educate your staff

Ensuring your staff are educated on any new measures you are going to put in place concerning energy is very important. Ensuring that they understand the importance of why energy waste needs to decrease for business needs can help them get more on board and be more mindful around the office. Also, it will make staff more mindful about energy waste in particular and could even help them save in their own homes.

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