How to reduce business energy spending in 2023 (4 tips)

2nd Mar 2023 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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Businesses have recently stopped switching energy suppliers since the energy crisis began. This is mostly due to a lack of incentives when it comes to switching. Switching activity has majorly dropped over the last decade as research has found that there were 62% fewer supplier switches in 2022 than in 2013.

Companies have been staying with the suppliers they know in these times probably because this feels “safer” than swapping to a supplier that you are unfamiliar with.

However, whilst this is understandable, you could be overspending by hundreds on your energy bill. If you don’t compare energy prices, then you don’t know whether your current supplier is offering the cheapest deal.

You should use a comparison tool to compare prices from different suppliers to see which one is best. With online energy, you can compare gas and electricity prices from some of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers. Using our quick and easy services you can get prices in under 60 seconds.  This will save you time and money.


Improve energy-efficient practices

Improving energy efficiency can help you reduce how much energy your business consumes. Most businesses don’t maximise energy consumption which can lead to up to 30% waste. There are many energy-saving practices that you can implement to combat this. The easiest and most cost-efficient way you can begin doing this is through lighting, heating, and office equipment.   


By using incandescent lighting, you could be consuming up to 70% more electricity than if you were using LED light bulbs. Although each lightbulb doesn’t use much energy when you have a commercial building with lots of lighting, this can make a massive difference. You should consider switching to automatic lighting to ensure electricity is not being wasted while there, not in use.   


A lot of businesses find that they waste money on heating due to poor insulation which leads them to have to heat up the building all day to keep it warm. You should ensure your building is insulated properly to reduce this. Also, consider a smart thermostat that will prevent your heating from being left on for too long.

Office equipment

Office equipment is one thing many business owners forget about when it comes to electricity usage. You should be encouraging employees to switch off equipment when it is not in use. Equipment such as screens, monitors, printers and TVs usually get forgotten about.


Remember your employees

A lot of businesses get wrapped up in planning to become energy efficient, but they forget to involve employees who need to be involved in this process from the very beginning. If your employees don’t cooperate or see the impact that new measures are going to have on the business, then they are probably not going to follow energy saving protocols.

You should consider motivating employees to contribute to the sustainability of your business. Introducing incentives for the department or employee that involves themselves the most when it comes to energy efficiency can be a good way to do this.

Remind employees how reducing energy costs is not only going to impact the business positively but could also create further opportunities for themselves.


Invest in renewables

Sometimes you have to invest money in order to save money. Investing in renewables can seem like spending more money than you are saving at first, however, the savings that your business can make from implementing this can reduce your energy bills and overhead costs significantly.

There are many different types of renewable energy infrastructure you can invest in including Solar panels which could reduce consumption by 60%. As well as this you could use a voltage optimiser to reduce your electricity consumption by up to 19%. To reduce your gas consumption, you can use a heat pump which will reduce your business gas bills by up to 26%.  


For more energy-saving tips see our news page. If you would like to start saving money by switching energy suppliers today then why not get a gas or electric quote for your business today?

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