Hospitality Businesses Urge Ofgem to Revamp Energy Market

8th Sep 2023 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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The hospitality industry, a vital contributor to the UK's economy, is facing an increasingly pressing concern: the energy industry that threatens to undermine the sustainability and profitability of businesses. In response to this growing crisis, hospitality businesses across the nation are rallying together and responding to Ofgem's consultation, urging the regulator to take swift action to improve the energy market. The call for change is resonating across the sector as stakeholders unite to protect their businesses and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Rising Energy Costs

The hospitality industry has long been susceptible to fluctuating energy costs. However, the situation has become critical in recent years as energy prices continue to rise. Factors such as global energy market dynamics, supply chain disruptions, and increased environmental regulations have contributed to this alarming trend. For hospitality businesses that rely heavily on energy-intensive operations, this surge in energy prices has presented a formidable challenge.

The impact of rising energy costs extends beyond the bottom line. Hospitality businesses are increasingly faced with difficult choices: absorb the soaring energy bills, cut costs elsewhere (potentially affecting the quality of service), or pass on the expenses to consumers (potentially driving them away). In an industry where customer experience is paramount, these options are far from ideal.


Hospitality Industry Responds

In response to these challenges, hospitality businesses are taking proactive steps to address the issue at its core. One of the most significant actions being taken is engaging with Ofgem, the UK's energy regulator, through its ongoing consultation processes. Businesses across the sector are making their voices heard, advocating for changes that can help stabilize energy costs and make the market more predictable.


Key Points of Concern

Price Transparency

Hospitality businesses are calling for greater transparency in energy pricing. They want to see clearer and more standardized billing practices, as well as more accessible information about energy tariffs and contracts. This would empower them to make informed decisions and negotiate better deals.


Sustainability Measures

Many businesses are already investing in energy-efficient technologies, but they need more incentives and support to continue these efforts. They urge Ofgem to incentivize green energy adoption and provide clearer guidelines for sustainable practices.


Support for Smaller Businesses

 Smaller hospitality establishments, such as family-run hotels and local restaurants, often face the brunt of energy price increases. Advocacy groups are requesting targeted support and pricing structures that cater to their specific needs.


Energy Market Stability

Ofgem is being urged to take steps to stabilize the energy market. This includes measures to reduce price volatility and provide long-term energy price predictability, which can help businesses plan their budgets more effectively.


Why Swift Action is Needed

The urgency of addressing these concerns cannot be overstated. The hospitality industry is a vital part of the UK economy, employing millions of people and contributing significantly to local communities. The current energy crisis has the potential to cripple businesses, lead to job losses, and undermine economic growth.

Moreover, in a world where environmental sustainability is paramount, it is imperative that the hospitality sector reduces its carbon footprint. Businesses need access to affordable green energy solutions to meet sustainability goals and contribute to the UK's ambitious climate targets. Swift action by Ofgem is essential to facilitate this transition.

Hospitality businesses are taking a proactive stance in advocating for change within the energy market. Their response to Ofgem's consultation demonstrates the industry's commitment to weathering the storm of rising energy costs while simultaneously advancing towards a more sustainable future. Ofgem must heed these calls for reform, taking swift action to create a more transparent, predictable, and eco-friendly energy market that supports the resilience and growth of the hospitality sector. In doing so, we can ensure that the heart of the UK's hospitality industry continues to beat strong for generations to come.

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