2000 swimming pools could close by the end of the decade due to high energy prices

20th May 2022 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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Currently, in the news, we have seen that there could be a lot of pool closures by the end of the decade mainly due to high energy prices that pool operators and leisure companies can’t handle.   

This would not only be devastating for the leisure industry overall but also the sport in the UK which would have to be massively decreased. Although the Sports Minister has met with governing bodies of Swim England and UK Active to come up with a plan, some are still suggesting that swimmers will have to face colder pools and higher prices to access pools at this rate.


Why swimming pools could close

Since bills have begun rising companies in the UK have been struggling to keep public pools up and running.  At the same time, the government has done very little to help this sector which leads people to fear even more. 

On average public pools have seen a rise in energy bills to £1.25Bn this year from £500M back in 2019. Along with the price rise in energy prices, this sector has also been hit since the beginning of the pandemic by lockdowns, and then a lot of people avoiding swimming pools due to trying to social distance. This means they are trying to recover from that loss, which high energy bills are not helping.


Energy-saving tips for swimming baths

To reduce high prices companies should try to be as energy-efficient as possible with their swimming pools. There are a number of ways to do this if it has not been done already.

  • Pump Efficiency - having a more energy-efficient pump for your pools could mean that you use less electricity to get the same job done. Energy-efficient pumps typically use 30-45% less energy. You can choose a pump based on speed and other factors. Also, the better the pump works at cleaning the pool, the less energy your filter will need to use. Therefore, ensuring good pumps are installed in leisure centers and at public pools could be key to bringing the energy bills down.
  • Covers - having a cover for the pool can trap the heat in so the water doesn’t get as cold overnight. This means less heating will be needed for the pool, which will save money on heating bills.
  • Water temperature - turn the temperature down overnight if possible. This should be more viable if you have a good cover for the pool as it means less heat will be needed to keep the temperature up during the night.
  • Maintenance - ensure that when maintenance is being done on the pool it is preventive maintenance. This could be keeping a closer eye on heating, for example, regularly measuring the temperature of the water and only using heat when it is needed. Make sure cleaning tasks are only being carried out as necessary to avoid water and energy waste.  

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