Guide to dealing with a lack of business energy support

5th Apr 2023 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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The end of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme is disappointing news for businesses large and small. This was a great help to many organisations, however, the introduction of the new discounted energy scheme ensures companies still receive assistance in mitigating their energy bills. The new scheme presents businesses with an opportunity to become more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

What is the Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS)

Businesses will be able to benefit from the EBDS maximum discount on their energy bills in April 2023, this will last until April 2024. While this discount will help many businesses transition towards a higher-price energy market, many businesses argue that the level of support will not be enough to support their company to do this.

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How will this affect your business?

This could put economic stability at risk as small and medium business owners find their operating costs increasing faster than their profit margins. Business groups have expressed their concern over new support as many of their members might not be able to survive such high costs.


How you can lower your energy bills

Business owners know how important it is to keep their operations cost-effective, and that includes energy bills. Knowing when to make minor changes can save them money and help reduce their carbon footprint in the process.

This is more important than ever due to a lack of energy support. Companies now need to be more proactive than ever where their energy bills are concerned. This includes comparing energy prices to ensure you are getting the most out of your energy contracts and installing energy-efficient practices in your organisation.


Compare and save

Saving on business energy bills sounds daunting, but luckily the process starts out simple. All it takes is understanding what the current contract offers, and if there's a better deal elsewhere. This could potentially make a huge difference; online energy marketplaces are devoted to helping customers compare plans for the best rates. By agreeing to switch providers or contracts, businesses can get more favourable deals that save money in the long term. It is worthwhile looking into potential savings through online energy comparison sites - you may be able to reduce your business energy bills without sacrificing your comfort or convenience.

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Energy efficiency

Implementing energy-efficient practices is an easy and cost-effective way for any business to reduce its energy costs. By making smarter choices about when and how the business consumes electricity, businesses can easily reduce their overall energy bills. This might include turning off electronics when not in use, using power strips that automatically shut off peripherals, taking advantage of natural light instead of relying on electric lighting, installing thermostats that adjust the temperature automatically, and upgrading to more efficient versions of appliances or equipment as needed. Every effort will add up over time, minimize waste, save money, and contribute to a greener environment.

As businesses continue to search for more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable ways to operate, making the switch to energy-efficient infrastructure provides numerous benefits. Utilizing products such as solar panels and voltage optimisers can help reduce energy consumption and significantly lower costs in the long run. In addition, the use of green energy options is becoming increasingly attractive to customers, who appreciate companies that are making an effort to help protect the environment. If your business is looking for a cost-effective way to save on operating costs while also helping to reduce our environmental impact, reconsidering what kind of infrastructure you currently have in place may be the perfect solution.

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