Which energy suppliers are using green energy?

31st Jan 2022 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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In the past couple of years, the world has come to a collective realization that human activity has damaged our climate to the point where the world could become damaged beyond repair. However, many argue we still have time to reverse the damage done but everybody must put in the effort to combat global warming.

One of the main ways your business could contribute to this is to choose an energy provider that’s using mainly green energy. Green energy refers to the energy that is generated from renewable sources such as solar or wind power. Unlike fossil fuels, green energy is not emitting carbon emissions into the atmosphere which is the main cause of our environmental issues.

How green is the energy that is supplied to you

When you switch to green energy it is important to remember that the energy that you use is not going to change to 100% green. This is because all energy comes from the main national energy grid which means green energy and “dirty” energy get mixed together when there fed through the wires to power your business.

Switching to a 100% green energy supplier just means that the energy supplier is going to put that money into supporting green energy generators. These generators then pump that energy into the grid making it greener. Therefore, the more people that choose a green energy tariff, the greener energy that goes into the grid.

Some energy suppliers may also use carbon offsetting. This is where suppliers put your money into offsetting the effects greenhouse gases have on the environment. For example, they could pay to plant more trees as they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This balances out the negative impact of your usage. While this method is green it is not renewable.

Benefits of switching to a green energy supplier

In the past, fossil fuel prices were a lot cheaper as they were easier to source than renewable energy. However, as technologies improve, and sustainable energy is becoming more popular switching to a supplier that uses green energy could lower the amount you are paying for your energy bills.

As well as price there are many other benefits such as improving our climate. When supporting green energy suppliers, you are increasing the amount of energy that is generated from renewable resources and therefore reducing the number of greenhouse gasses that are being released into our atmosphere.

The public is putting a lot of pressure on bigger businesses to do better with their environmental contribution. Therefore, you may be more likely to get more customers also by showing good company values.

Suppliers we work with that offer green energy

Some of the energy suppliers that we work with are offering green energy tariffs for your business energy. Such as Npower, British gas, Scottish Power, and many more.  Why not check to see which suppliers are offering the lowest green tariffs right now by using our energy comparison on this site.


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