Energy suppliers are preparing for more switching

15th Aug 2023 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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Energy prices have been on a downward trend over the past year subsequent to the energy crisis. This decline has resulted in enhanced wholesale energy prices for suppliers, enabling them to ignite the competitive flame again in terms of pricing. The ripple effect of this shift is a more competitive marketplace, where the power lies with consumers as they have broader choices and the opportunity to switch suppliers in search of the best deals.

With this newfound consumer advantage, a notable uptick in energy supplier switches is anticipated in the forthcoming months. As prices continue to decline and competition intensifies, consumers are becoming increasingly proactive. The prospect of securing more affordable rates and better service is motivating more individuals to reassess their current energy supplier. This shift in consumer behavior is expected to stimulate further dynamism in the energy market, compelling suppliers to not only offer competitive prices but also innovate their services to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

The high energy prices of the previous year constrained many businesses and households, leaving them locked into their existing energy contracts. The ability to switch suppliers was largely non-existent, leading to a stagnant market. However, as the energy market begins to stabilize, the narrative is poised to change dramatically. The decline in energy prices is likely to trigger a wave of supplier switches as businesses and households strive to take advantage of the competitive rates available. This imminent shift in the energy market dynamics is anticipated to trigger a domino effect, leading to greater market fluidity and increased consumer empowerment. The upcoming months will indeed be a pivotal period for energy suppliers, who must brace themselves for the imminent surge in switching activity.


However, it is crucial for suppliers to sufficiently prepare for this expected surge in switching. It's not just about offering competitive rates—suppliers must ensure their customer service is capable of handling the increased volume of enquiries and switches, to protect consumers and ensure they are seamlessly transitioned. Additionally, suppliers need to be transparent about their offerings, ensuring that consumers fully understand the terms and benefits of their new contracts. This includes making it clear how the rate changes affect them, and how they may benefit from the switch. Now more than ever, suppliers must commit to effective communication and transparency, in order to promote a healthy competitive market, and meet the needs and expectations of their customers.


This surge in switching activity coincides with Ofgem's review of energy suppliers' treatment of their consumers. Ofgem, the government regulator for gas and electricity markets in Great Britain, is stepping up its scrutiny on how energy firms handle the surge in consumer switches, alongside assessing their overall customer service quality. This includes evaluating the clarity of their communication, the transparency of their contract terms, and their promptness in handling customer queries. Ofgem's review will aim to ensure that amid the heightened competition and flux of the market, the rights of the consumers are safeguarded and their experiences are rendered as smooth as possible. Therefore, energy providers will have to ensure their practices align with Ofgem’s standards and deliver on their promises, further emphasizing the importance of effective communication and transparency in this transitional time.

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