Our top energy-saving tips for your business energy

11th Mar 2022 | Mollie Pinnington | 3 minute read

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It has been estimated that the offices within the five largest cities in England are wasting upwards of £60 million just on energy. The energy being wasted is also equivalent to powering up to 10,000 homes. Therefore, business managers need to start taking positive actions to reduce this energy expenditure.

Not only is this costing businesses unnecessary spending, but this overconsumption is also hurting the climate even further. This is because more energy is being used than needed, which is creating unnecessary greenhouse gasses that are affecting our environment. Therefore, the energy cut back is needed not only to save your business money but also to ensure we cut the number of emissions that are released into our climate.

However, reducing your business energy prices or keeping within a certain budget can be difficult. But keeping your business energy bills down can be one of the easiest ways to cut business costs down. If you are not careful energy prices can get very expensive within your organization. To help your business, we have compiled a list of energy-saving tips to help keep your business’s energy costs low


Energy-saving tips 

  • Smart meter- you should consider having a smart meter. This will help you monitor your energy expenditure and see where the most energy is going. If a lot of energy is being wasted in an area that is not providing you with a lot of business production, then you could consider finding alternative ways to run that area of business with more energy efficiency.
  • Come up with a way to involve your staff- create green initiatives or competitions for your staff to be involved in which will be an effective way of them becoming more energy efficient within the business. This will also help people become more energy aware.
  • Consider automating parts of your business- automating things such as heating, or lighting can reduce how much money you waste on energy in these areas. For example, if you’re heating or lights are getting left on outside of business hours then that is money that could be put elsewhere for your business.
  • Switching off office equipment- making sure equipment is being switched off at the end of the day seems like common sense however things such as computers, monitors, printers, and more are easily forgotten about and could be wasting a big part of your budget.
  • Avoid wasting heat- try installing extra insulation features to your business. This will help keep heat in your building leading you to need to be less reliant on keeping your system heating running all day.
  • Think about installing heat pumps to replace your current heating systems. Heat pumps work by using electricity to provide heating to your business which differs from traditional methods of heating. Read our guide to heat pumps for more in-depth knowledge if you are considering one for your business.


How can Online Energy help

Even if your business has a very low energy waste, you could still be overpaying on your energy bills if you are not comparing business energy prices and switching to a cheaper business energy contract.

The reason most businesses overpay on their energy bills is due to not switching their energy contracts when their current tariff comes to an end. This leads to your energy supplier putting you on deemed rates which are usually a lot higher than the original rate you were on for your business energy.

At online Energy, we can help you save money by switching. We do this by comparing deals from our suppliers which allows us to give you the most competitive price for your specific business. We take care of all this all we need you to do is put in your postcode at the bottom of the page.

This is one simplest and most cost-effective way you can save your business money on the business.

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