Guide to energy prices for large businesses

20th Jul 2022 | Mollie Pinnington | 4 minute read

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Large business gas and electricity

The bigger your company is the more energy you are most likely to use. However, this doesn't mean that a large chunk of your budget should be taken by energy bills. In this guide, we have included all our expert knowledge on energy bills for your business.

As a business we also understand the agony of not being able to get dual fuel tariffs, so we want to make sure that you can get the best gas and electricity quotes that you can.


Is energy for a large business different from small business

When it comes to defining a large business, in the UK it is usually a business with over 250 employees. For your energy deals, your business size can also be defined by your energy consumption. Ofgem states that if your annual consumption is over 100,000 kWh per year then you are classed as a large business.

Small and micro businesses are most likely going to have cheaper energy bills for many reasons. Mainly due to being a smaller corporation and most likely having smaller offices and fewer sites. Depending on your business size and how you operate your gas and electricity bills are going to vary. Large corporations usually pay more compared to smaller businesses due to having bigger buildings and more sites.


Half hourly meters for large businesses

Typically, with high consumption, you will also have a half-hourly meter to measure your usage. In the UK if you use over 100,000 kWh then you must have one of these by law. A half hourly meter is different from usual business meters as it makes it a lot easier for your company to keep on top of.

Having a half hourly meter installed means that you do not have to do your own meter readings as they get automatically sent to your supplier every half hour. This type of meter could improve the cost of your energy bills as you will pay for the exact amount of energy you use.

Having a half-hourly meter for your business means that you can also benefit from bespoke energy prices. When you switch energy suppliers with a bespoke meter, they are often very competitive, this gives you the advantage to negotiate prices with different suppliers before signing. Due to the competitive nature of these prices, we offer bespoke services to large businesses with a half hourly meter installed. For bespoke prices, you can contact us today.

We have a more in-depth guide to half hourly meters if you would like to find out if they are a good choice for your business.


What could affect energy rates for your business

There are many different things that can affect the business energy quote. The web had our energy experts pick out some of the most common reasons for high prices that are most likely to affect your business.

  • Energy market- The state of the energy market at the time of your renewal or new contract can affect the price you pay for your contract. When the price of energy is up then your current contract is going to be more expensive for however long you have it if you have a fixed rate tariff as this will stay the same price the whole way through your contract. A variable contract will also be affected by market prices as your standing charge will depend on market trends for that month. see more here about understanding your business energy prices.
  • Energy tariff type- The type of energy tariff you are on can also affect the prices you are paying. When you get a new tariff, your contract will be on the most competitive prices your supplier has to offer. However, if you do not renew your contract or switch suppliers you will be put on a much more expensive contract. Rollover contracts are amongst some of the highest rates your supplier will have, so be careful you don't get stuck on one of these.
  • Energy efficiency- Often your business will use a lot more energy than it needs to. consider implementing some energy-efficient practices to use less consumption and lower how much you pay for your energy. find out how to make your business practices more energy efficient today.


Compare energy

If you would like to compare business energy deals today, why not start by getting a free quote from us! If your consumption is over 100,000 kWh, then get in touch with us for bespoke pricing offers.


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