Why It’s Time To Look At Your Energy Strategy

14th Jun 2021 | Online Energy | 4 minute read

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Looking to save on your energy bills?

Are you overpaying for your business energy? The post-Covid environment is the perfect opportunity to reassess your needs and find a far better deal.

Energy may be a necessary expense for each business, from running essential data centers to keeping the lights on within the office or workplace. But with many businesses having their normal operations upended in recent months because of the coronavirus pandemic, this is often likely to have had a big effect on their energy usage.

Overall business energy demands are down significantly around the world because of national lockdowns, and therefore the UK is not any exception. But because the lockdown has recently become relaxed, there's a growing awareness that a return to the way things were before the pandemic won't be possible or desirable for several firms. We offer you help by helping you compare business energy online so you can choose the best one.

An ideal time to re-evaluate your costs

It is time to change our energy use. For a few firms, this might mean fewer office spaces to heat and power as more people work from home, while for others, it could end in far more uncertainty over their future energy needs as a result of fluctuating demand. As such, now's an excellent time to pay attention to your current energy tariffs and see if you can get a far better deal.

When no-one knows what the longer term may hold, having the ability to chop down on your unavoidable overhead costs can offer you the breathing space you would like to make sure you'll continue to grow your business.

The changes in working practices that are forced on many folks by the pandemic could have helped businesses identify where their most significant operations are and where savings are often made. For example, if companies are looking to downsize their office space, this may have a big impact on your overall energy use, which presents a perfect opportunity to look closely at our energy contracts and reconsider the way we consume energy.

The importance of a robust energy partner

But how are you able to make certain you're getting the simplest deal? With such a good range of business energy deals on the market, narrowing down your search and finding the foremost suitable business energy tariffs for your users are often a challenge.

While it is often tempting to easily choose those with the most cost-effective headline rates, this approach might not take into consideration other factors. For instance, will this lock you into a lengthy contract that would find yourself costing you more within the long run? Could you enjoy greater flexibility? Are there monitoring services available to make sure your bills are accurately reflecting your real-world usage?

These are just a few of the considerations every business should be brooding about before signing up for a replacement deal. That's why it's so important to employ a trusted partner to assist guide you along with the method.

Turning to an experienced, impartial energy broker can make sure you look past the headline figures and secure the proper solutions for the unique needs of your business is definitely the way to go. This leaves you liberated to specialize in the important tasks of getting up and running again without fear of excessive outgoings.

Why is energy management important?

Energy management is vital for several reasons. But, typically an organization has one or two motivations for taking energy management seriously.

Some businesses prioritize energy management because they simply want to scale back their energy costs. After all, in many business sectors, energy is one of the very best controllable costs. All businesses must run business energy comparisons online to make the right decision about their energy supplier.

According to the United Kingdom government, savings of 39% were achievable through efficiency improvements across all non-domestic buildings in England and Wales in 2014. This figure is like £3.7 billion that companies could have saved on their energy bills. This figure gives you a thought of what proportion of money businesses could save by managing their energy effectively.

Environmental objectives

Energy consumption remains a principal source of human-caused greenhouse emission emissions, the predominant explanation for global climate change. Therefore, there's pressure on everyone to be more efficient with their energy use.

In 2018 alone, CO2 emissions from the business were estimated to be 65.9 million tons and accounted for around 18% of all CO2 emissions within the UK. Put simply; businesses got to do their bit if we're to limit the number of the worst effects of global climate change.

Although some businesses are somewhat proactive in their approach, many just aim to suits the regulatory frameworks that exist, like the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). However, many experts believe this isn't enough and think more must be done to succeed in carbon targets.

Reducing risk

Another reason businesses are investing in energy management is to scale back risk. Energy prices are extremely volatile. This can be often highlighted by the value of energy within the UK doubling between 2005 and 2018.

The International Energy Agency expects this trend to continue because the global population continues to grow and energy demand increases. Many businesses plan to improve their energy management processes because it's honest thanks to safeguarding against volatile energy prices.

We've talked through plenty, but we hope you now have a far better idea of where to start when it involves improving the energy efficiency of your business through effective energy . Contact us today and we will compare business energy prices online for you and provide you with business energy quotes online.

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