Business Energy Comparison Do's and Don'ts

21st May 2021 | Online Energy | 7 minute read

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So, you’ve chosen to do a business electricity and gas comparison and switched it with a less expensive one? How would you find out which one to go for and which one to avoid? With some assistance from our guide we aim to clarify how you can locate the best business power provider and get some top tips on finding yourself the best energy providers in your area.

Clients frequently come to us and believe that getting a business energy comparison will be extremely complex or require the sort of data nobody can actually discover! Fortunately, this isn't right – Comparing business power providers is truly simple when working with us and we just require the accompanying data:

  • Your Business Information – You should definitely understand this, it consists of the fundamentals such as your organization name, size of organization, where your enterprise is located and much more.
  • Your Current Energy Company – As it says, this is basically knowing who your present provider is, this is extra useful in case that you know your present duty but is not too important to know that.
  • Your Contact Information – The basic information about you – typically your business name, number and email address.

Business Energy Comparison Do's and Don'ts

The most effective method to pick the best business power provider.

  • Find out their standard power tax – Providers can offer incredible packages for the contract if negotiated properly and maintaining a business energy comparison may help you scrutinize and discover the best options for you. In that case you should ask around and decide which tariff would be more compatible with your budget and needs
  • Research their customer service –This is a simple platform to scrutinize for clients. It shows you consumer loyalty just as how suppliers handle objections. Add that to the typical Google surveys, Trustpilot and you will get an idea as to which service should be preferred over the others as related to customer service.
  • Look for a green provider – It is significant that we use as much recycled and maintainable energy as possible. We feel its key to help the climate as much as possible and that goes farther than just renewing energy.
  • Smart Energy Companies – Some energy organizations will have applications, websites or meters to help you keep steady over your business power costs. In the event that you are the sort of organization that could profit by this, at that point it is important to investigate who offers what.
  • Make them work for you – The extraordinary thing about having a couple of comparative tariffs is that it gives you advantage to choose them against one another to either give you further decreases or see what they can add in for no cost.

Step by step instructions to switch your business power provider.

With business electricity and gas comparison , it has never been simpler to get quotes and investigate the best energy suppliers in the UK. Be that as it may, in case you go to all the individual providers and get business power costs it can take up a huge amount of your time. Fortunately, comparison services such as ours have made it simpler and seamless for any business exchanging business power.

What makes exchanging business energy providers marginally more troublesome is that it is an item that doesn't have an "out the box" cost. For instance with your broadband you can undoubtedly discover X provider quotes £35 every long stretch of a £15 install – it doesn't make a difference in the event that you are a business with 10 representatives or 10,000.

With regards to business energy all costs are worked out on a bespoke basis. Normally this implies you by and large have somewhat more space and capacity to haggle with the provider to improve the bargain. If you compare your business costs, it will assist you with doing this on account of the measure of business we get for power providers. We can assist you with getting to a greater extent a markdown on your business energy rates.

  • Request a quote – Just round out the 30 second form with who your present provider is, your organization name, postal code and contact subtleties and leave us to do all the difficult work for you.
  • Receive your quotes from the best business power providers – Compare the costs and organizations to pick the best arrangement accessible
  • Pick your new provider – That's it! Pick the most appropriate one for you and sign up. Inform your old provider as to whether essential and appreciate the reserve funds.

One thing important is there are events organizations get declined for a business power switch and the typical explanation behind this is owing cash to your current supplier so we generally prescribe guaranteeing you have cleared your installments prior to exchanging.


Just as expert business energy suppliers, some notable domestic energy providers additionally offer business gas and power taxes for organizations, all things considered.

Mainstream business energy suppliers include:

  • British Gas business
  • EDF Energy
  • E.ON
  • Scottish Power
  • SSE
  • Contract Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Corona Energy
  • Dual Energy
  • Gazprom
  • Haven Power
  • Opus Energy
  • Orsted Energy

What's different about changing business energy?

In case that you've never exchanged business energy, you may believe it's like exchanging your domestic energy – something a lot of individuals do consistently to set aside cash.

While there are a few similarities, there are likewise some factors in which they are different:


  • You can't compare and switch business energy on the web. While the entire domestic energy exchanging procedure should be possible online on a webpage, the process is a bit difficult and different for organizations.
  • Once you've presented your data on the web, we'll get in touch with you for a brief talk about your business energy needs.
  • Business energy contracts are longer. Household energy contracts watch out for keep going for a year or a half, while business energy agreements can keep going for as long as five years. That implies you can fix your business energy costs for more to get the best prices and to eliminate the need to look around as consistently.
  • Business gas and power is discrete. While numerous households utilize similar providers for gas and power, there's nothing of the sort as a double fuel duty for business energy.


What amount of time does exchanging your business power provider require?

Exchanging your business energy provider is a direct procedure for you and typically takes somewhere in the range of 1 month to approximately 2 months. It is critical to ensure you are not as yet in agreement with a current provider and you give the subtleties asked by the new provider to ensure there are no postponements in changing the administration over.

Energy Comparison Dos

  • Shop around - a huge number of energy providers implies more rivalry on the market and more open doors for a wide-running business energy correlation.
  • Get a breakdown of the per unit rates for gas and power, just as the standing charges (the fixed expense of having an energy supply). Recall that a lower unit expenses can be counterbalanced with a higher standing charge, and the other way around.
  • Ensure that on the off chance that you get a fixed-term contract, this agreement means to the measure of time that an arrangement is fixed for, as opposed to alluding to the fixed expense of the energy levy.
  • Check if your business qualified for exclusion from the Climate Change Levy (CCL).
  • Remember that your online business energy needs are remarkable - no two organizations are the equivalent, which implies that you need to think about online business energy dependent upon the situation.

Energy Comparison Don'ts

  • Don't wait too long before investigating the market for another business energy provider. You can be put in another agreement 120 days before your present agreement ends, yet it can take as long as 28 days to deal with the change, so don't leave it until the latest possible time.
  • Don't be hesitant to test - on the grounds that the energy duties for organizations are bespoke, this offers you the chance to expect lower energy costs.
  • Don't fall into the snare of auto-restoring your current agreement as this keeps you from exchanging and saving when your agreement reaches a conclusion.
  • Don't stress over personal time - there should be no disturbance to your gas and power when you switch providers.
  • Don't surge the cycle - whenever you've marked an agreement, you don't ordinarily have a 'window period' to drop the agreement. You are typically secured for the full agreement time frame whenever you have marked.

Leave it to the specialists

The way toward searching for business energy statements can demonstrate troublesome and tedious business groups. A brief call with an energy specialist in the UK at Online Energy Business can quickly track the business energy correlation measure, yet in addition help you save money on your month to month service bills. We are best energy suppliers who won’t disappoint you so switch business energy now. We will help you find what is best for your business!

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