Running your business from home – benefit from business energy prices

16th May 2022 | Mollie Pinnington | 4 minute read

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Since 2020 when the pandemic hit home working has become a lot more popular with many entrepreneurs starting up their businesses from home to dodge the fees of renting out offices. Since then, a lot of people that run their business from home have been missing out on one key factor - the energy they are consuming in their home by working there all day.

According to the ONS, over 3 million people work from home. This means that there are a lot of people that could be benefiting from having a business energy contract rather than a domestic energy contract.     

When working from home a lot of your gas and electricity that is used during the day could be put down to work purposes. At first, it might not seem like much but when you consider how much energy it takes to power monitors, printers, lighting, etc it could be a large proportion of your energy consumption.  


Business energy for home

If you’re using a lot of energy at home to run your business, then you could benefit from having a business energy tariff instead of a domestic energy tariff.

Before being able to get a business energy tariff for your home you will have to meet certain criteria which we will go through below. If you meet the criteria you will be eligible to be registered as a micro business which will make your ability to get a business energy contract more likely. This will also allow you to receive protection from suppliers that bigger businesses do not get.


Domestic tariffs v Business energy tariffs

Business energy unit rates are far cheaper than domestic rates, however that is not the only cost you must take into consideration. Businesses also must pay a higher VAT on their energy bills as well as climate change levies that domestic energy tariffs do not include. Therefore, we will go through why it is actually worth switching to business energy if possible.

First of all, with domestic prices rising as they are at the minute you might find you are paying a much higher rate for energy than you have done in previous years. Businesses pay a lower unit rate so could help bring the price down.

Business contracts are also usually priced as fixed-rate tariffs. This means that the price for energy in kWh will not vary each month but you will always have the same standing charge.  These types of contracts are also fixed in length. This means you will know how much you will be spending on energy each month which will allow you to budget accordingly.

With a business energy contract, you also have the benefit to compare and switch different business energy suppliers to find the cheapest price within the energy market. Whilst you can do this with a domestic energy contract, the market is a lot more competitive for business energy which means it’s much easier to find cheaper prices. If you decide you do want to switch to a business energy tariff, then we can compare business energy prices for you today.


What criteria must I meet to get a business energy contract for my home?

To get a business energy tariff you must first register your business from your home. This is a must. You will then most likely be classed as a micro business. You must also prove that you run your business from your home and that a large proportion of your energy usage comes from running your business. This proportion will most likely have to be 50% or more. Although this may seem like a lot don’t forget there are many things you can include in your calculations such as:

  • Lighting
  • Computers
  • Heating
  • Monitors
  • Printers


You can also include anything else that you would need to run your business. So, if you do meet this requirement for your business energy then why not switch to a business energy contract today.


How to switch to a business energy tariff

So now that you have read this blog are you thinking of switching to a business energy contract? Why not compare with online energy today.

We can offer you some of the most competitive prices in the energy market at this time. Getting a business energy contract is easy especially when we can do all the work for you all that we need from you is some quick details then we can offer you the best prices on the market. If this is your first-time getting a business energy contract, then why put in all the leg work yourself when you could be focusing on your business.  Compare today to see how much you could be saving.

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