Our Mission

Online Energy hit the energy market with one mission:

help businesses save as much money as possible on their gas and electricity.

Online Energy

Since then, we’ve certainly lived up to our aim.

Today, we’re the leading choice for businesses seeking the very best deals on their energy bills.

We’ve built strong relationships with energy suppliers including the ‘Big Six’ and many independent providers to give our customers instant access to the best and most competitive energy tariffs on the market in seconds.

The result:

we’ve helped thousands of businesses switch to a cheaper deal, saving them millions of pounds in the process.

Business Power Deals

Online Energy

As the world moves towards adopting better energy consumption practices, businesses and organizations from around the world are always on the lookout for suppliers of energy that can ensure quality of energy supply while also being an efficient and sustainable source. That’s why when you first start looking into the prospects you have, from which you must choose an energy provider, selecting the best from the alternatives can be daunting and quite overwhelming. That's where Online Energy can help you and your business. We have access to the most competitive electricity and gas prices on the market. Sourcing all the available commercial energy deals available can be a time consuming process on your own but we've already done the work so you don't have to.

Every energy supplier you come across may claim to be offering industry leading business power deals, but surely not every company on the market can be the best! We're here to help you find who is in just a few easy steps!

Compare Business Energy With Online Energy

Online Energy provides you with the resources which will help you compare business energy alternatives available to you on the market. You can compare the prices and policies of tens of tariffs spread across multiple suppliers in your area. All you need do is provide a few details about your meter and business and then choose the price you want and we'll handle the rest

The business power deals that are actually some of the best ones on the market are available to you with just one click of a button!

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Online Energy

Best Business Electricity

Regardless of the type of energy, you’re looking to switch suppliers for, whether it’s the best business gas suppliers or the best business electricity suppliers, you can find the very best business power deals with the help of our network of trusted partners at Online Energy. Not only this, but our specialists can also help you identify what the best time to switch energy suppliers is so that you can save costs on as many ends as possible. Due to market volatility, it is not possible to provide instant prices for every meter but this does not prevent you from getting prices from Online Energy. If your meter profile requires bespoke prices then just get in touch with one of our energy experts now.

Best Time to Switch Energy Suppliers

Switching energy suppliers is faster than you think. There are certain times that are better than others in terms of being the best time to switch energy suppliers. In some cases, the best option for you will be to switch before summer gives way to winter and energy suppliers jack up their prices. In other instances, you might want to wait till the expiration date of your contract with the previous suppliers so to avoid hefty switching costs. Whatever the best time to switch energy supplier is for your businesses, our specialists can be trusted to help you make the right decision.

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